Zoo Store

San Diego Zoo, San Diego, California, USA

The flagship store, Jungle Bazaar, was in need of a new image to promote the Zoo’s mission. EHDD and Schwartz Architects designed an open, airy environment to display products from the Zoo’s eleven merchandise divisions. A main store and children’s store flank an exiting path. A new palette of off-white surfaces replaces the formerly dark, “woodsy” interiors. In the main store, a new skylight highlights a central bamboo environment, which is carried through to a continuous graphic frieze. Brilliantly colored images of plant life and messages relating to the Zoo’s mission of conservation and sustainability are interwoven throughout the frieze.


Size : 11,000 sq. ft.

2002 Interior Architecture Award

AIA Chicago

2002 Merit Award - "Placemaking"

Society for Environmental Graphic Design

2002 Best Graphic Design

"City of Villages" Design Awards, AIA San Diego

2001 First Place (Retail Over 10,000 sq. ft.)

2001 ISP and VM+SD Retail Store Design Competition




San Francisco

500 Treat Ave #201
San Francisco, CA 94110

(415) 285-9193