Kolkata Mixed-Use Waterfront Development

Kolkata, India

Kolkata Mixed-Use Waterfront Development is an infill development initiative EHDD, in partnership with a financial consultancy, has proposed for the city of Kolkata.  Located on a decommissioned military base south of Kolkata along the Hoogly River, an aquarium engages the unique ecology of this tropical urban waterway into its exhibits.  The building’s riverfront edge bridges across the pedestrian promenade and railway to incorporate a new rail station.  A covered retail street forms a gateway from the East, drawing the public to the interior of the site toward a central town square surrounded by retail locations, a hotel and the aquarium. The north edge of the site connects with the neighboring public park through access below the soaring deck of the suspension bridge. A series of mid-rise residential towers line the southern edge of the site providing desirable shade over the public plaza and retail street. A high-rise mixed-use tower also seeks to create an iconic landmark along the riverfront.


Size : 1,600,000 sq. ft.




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