F10 House

Chicago, Illinois, USA

The F10 House was one of five designs selected for construction in a national competition by the City of Chicago. It strives to reduce life-cycle environmental consequences by a factor of 10 compared to the average U.S. home built today, while demonstrating that sustainable design can be affordable. The 1,200 square-foot building has a green roof, its open plan enhances cross ventilation, and windows maximize natural light. Augmented by a whole-house fan, the solar chimney exhausts warm air during summer and pushes warm air down during winter. Materials were selected for durability and low environmental impact.


Size : 1,200 sq.-ft.

2005 Innovation in Housing Design

 AIA/Housing Committee 

2004 Top Ten Green Building

AIA/Committee on the Environment

2004 Distinguished Building Award

AIA Chicago

2004 Sustainable Design Award

AIA Chicago

2000 Finalist

Green Homes for Chicago Competition




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