Great design begins on the inside. How will users experience the space, and how can we design that experience to be, simply, remarkable?

EHDD approaches interior design with an eye toward the future, envisioning the way it will be used today, as well how it will be used 20+ years from now. We focus on functionality and durability, creating warm and welcoming environments that are emotionally appealing, intellectually engaging and timeless. This begins with clear interior architectural concepts and well-articulated spaces that flow effortlessly into each other. We often employ natural and artificial lighting effects and other unexpected design elements to surprise and delight the occupants. We also incorporate coordinated, technologically-advanced systems that result in clean ceilings; balanced light; effective, efficient and quiet ventilation; successful acoustic spaces; and well-integrated life safety and security.

With any interior design, our only goal is to accomplish our client’s mission: to create a natural sense of place that enhances the user experience today, tomorrow and beyond. 




San Francisco

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San Francisco, CA 94110

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