Architecture is more than just a building. It’s the way we think about the future. Each project offers us an opportunity to imagine a better place to live, learn, grow and share – enhancing our experience of the world around us. This design ethos was conceived early in the firm’s life in our residential studio, a practice that continues to influence and inspire innovative designs across our firm today.

In concert with our clients’ mission and values, we create built environments that advance our understanding, stimulate our senses, and respect our surroundings. EHDD’s portfolio includes nearly every type of building – libraries, student housing, art centers, galleries, academic buildings, laboratories, residences, K-12 schools, retail space, theaters, aquariums, museums and zoos. Throughout our history, our steadfast attention to users’ needs and clients’ goals has resulted in inventive, award-winning, responsible designs that stand the test of time.

Big Cat Falls

Big Cat Falls

Philadelphia Zoo, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA




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San Francisco, CA 94110

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