The Seattle Aquarium Expansion Master Plan Moves Ahead

August 4, 2015

On Monday, August 3, the Seattle City Council unanimously voted to approve our master plan for expansion of the Seattle Aquarium! This vote followed last week’s unanimous vote by the Waterfront Committee to support this proposal.

Following this approval EHDD will work with the Aquarium to develop plans for the expansion. A main focus of this project will be a pavilion located on the opposite side of the new aquarium plaza, transforming this 38 year old institution from a closed building into an open campus which will greatly increase visitor capacity and allow for improved public outreach. The new pavilion will likely feature a tropical pacific gallery, expanding the aquarium’s current collection, and providing an opportunity to educate the public about ocean acidification and other environmental issues we face today.

Additionally, we will explore retrofitting to the west half of the pier, with expanded education program, improved visitor services and modernized back of house spaces to ensure state of the art care for the animals for years to come. We really look forward to partnering with the Seattle Aquarium to put forth a world class aquarium for a world class city!

To view the approved master plan, follow this link to the Seattle Aquarium's website.




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