EHDD Master Plans 7 Million Square-Foot Mumbai Project

January 2012

The project – located on a 24-acre site in the northern part of Mumbai – envisions a mixed-use development with housing, retail, office, hospitality and cultural uses.  EHDD is working with a Mumbai-based land owner and developer client to create a smart and sustainable district center for an emerging area along the existing transit corridor.

“India presents a unique opportunity for urban design and planning,” observes EHDD India managing principal Jennifer Devlin, AIA.  “Sustainability is a necessity, not just a desired outcome, so its intersection with rapid growth requires a holistic approach yet quick, decisive action.”  EHDD principal and director of planning and urban design Michel St. Pierre, AIA  – who has worked in India and China for the last 15 years – agrees, “Change is taking place at such an unprecedented scale and pace. This creates a dynamic tension between old and new. In a way, there is no “present” in India, only the past and the future. And it’s both exciting and humbling for our team to contribute to shape its sustainable future.”




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