CSUMB Tanimura and Antle Family Memorial Library

Photo by Cesar Rubio

Lincoln Park Zoo, Pritzker Family Children’s Zoo

Photo by Doug Snower

Utah State University, Logan, Merrill-Cazier Library

Photo by Cesar Rubio

Advancing Civilization

Architecture is a physical manifestation of human progress. The built environments in which we live, work and play reflect the sum of technological advances and building innovations accumulated throughout the course of history.

But great design also recognizes our considerable responsibility to the future. It respects the changing needs of users, the evolution of communities and the impact on the natural environment.

With an appreciation for the past and a compelling interest in what’s ahead, EHDD is designing a collectively greater future for our clients, our society and the environment. Valuing collaboration and mutualism, we champion the missions of our clients. We seek to understand and design in harmony with client needs because – like our clients – we are keenly attuned to their users’ experience. We seek to create built environments that enhance our culture, honor the natural environment, and respect and delight the people who use them.

We understand that our legacy will be determined by what we leave behind. Our goal is to ensure that in everything we do, we contribute to the building of a more civilized world. 

Advancing Culture

Throughout history, great societies have given us design innovations that continue to inspire and astound today. From marvels of engineering to artistic masterpieces, human ingenuity and advancement is evident in some of the world’s most amazing places to learn, share and grow.

EHDD is celebrated for its ability to envision spaces and places that excite our imagination, enhance our culture and inspire higher thinking. From libraries to science and academic buildings, museums, aquariums and zoos, we embrace each client’s mission to create the civic and cultural centerpieces that are the hallmarks of an advanced society. Many buildings from the firm’s early years are landmarks in our lives today, and will continue to enrich us for generations to come – a testament to the timeless nature of visionary, user-focused design.

Advancing Design

At EHDD, we look at architecture as a unique opportunity to imagine a better future; a way to sustainably transform the character of a physical space while enriching the world around us. We not only consider the aesthetics of the structure itself, but also the way it will be used and experienced. In essence – to design buildings that don’t argue with their users or their surroundings.

As a young firm, this design ethos took root in our residential studio, and informed our thinking as we expanded our practice into commercial and institutional work. Today, residential design remains an important source of inspiration and technical innovation in our firm.

With respect to functionality and lasting quality, we create warm and welcoming environments that stimulate the intellect and the senses. Whether the project is residential, commercial or civic, we consider site and context, creative adaptation of technology, ease of use, sustainability, and the nature of light and space. We listen to and intently observe the people who will interact with the building and its environs, incorporating their needs, desires and ambitions into our thinking. The result is a design that is thoughtfully and intentionally integrated with the community, technologically advanced, environmentally responsible, and prepared for its future.

Advancing Relationships

Modern civil societies are marked by a common attribute: everyone has a voice. At EHDD, we understand that each of us – client, designer, consultant and user – brings a unique and valid perspective to the table. That’s why we approach each project individually, asking ourselves what is the best solution for this client, this space and this community, now and into the future.

We recognize that the inherent cost, complexity and organizational dynamics of a significant project can bring out people’s passions. So we adopt our client’s mission as our own, working toward a shared goal and making decisions in a spirit of open collaboration, civility and respect. We consider our clients an integral part of the EHDD team. Only by combining our collective knowledge and insights can we design truly innovative, user-friendly spaces that align and realize the goals of clients, users, the environment and society.

Advancing Sustainability

EHDD seeks to align specific sustainability strategies with our clients' priorities because we see our work as fundamentally supportive of our clients’ larger sustainability goals and vision. We believe sustainable communities and organizations are much more profound than just green buildings.  We believe that addressing climate change is the grand challenge of our generation, and therefore, our scale of response must be commensurate with the size of the problem.  This requires the architectural industry to push beyond simply modest improvements and call for dramatic changes--like EHDD’s intense focus on net zero energy buildings.  In the last ten years, our firm has realized that this biggest barrier in creating these types of buildings is the mental challenge of believing it can't be done.  Beginning with small projects at 7,000 sq. ft and working our way up to 330,000 sq. ft., we have found that it can certainly be done – even within a rational cost and delivery process.  Architects have the opportunity to design and create the future that we want and need.

EHDD’s leadership in sustainable design is exemplified by our 10 LEED Platinum projects, 16 LEED Gold projects, and two LEED Silver projects. EHDD has also designed two of the twelve Net Zero Energy Certified projects – The David and Lucile Packard Foundation office building in Los Altos, California and IDeAs Z2 Design Office in San Jose, California. The Exploratorium at Pier 15 is on track to become the largest Net Zero Energy museum in the United States. EHDD has also won five AIA National Committee on the Environment “Top Ten Green Projects” awards.

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