EHDD-designed library evolves with UC Santa Cruz Campus

December 6, 2016

The UC Santa Cruz's Science & Engineering Library was designed by EHDD and opened in 1991; now EHDD is designing its renovation, part of a wave of changes on the campus. The UC Santa Cruz magazine featured an intriguing conversation with Chuck Davis, a founder of EHDD and designer of the original library building, and his son, who graduated from UC Santa Cruz two years ago after spending many, many hours studying in the "Sci-Li" building his father designed.

Here's an excerpt: The UC Santa Cruz interviewer, Dan White, asked "What is it like for both of you to see this family creation get reconfigured?" The responses: "Chuck Davis: Change is inexorable in a university. If you design university facilities, and you are thinking you are designing the memorial to Chuck Davis or anyone or anything, you are in the wrong business. That is just the way the university works. That is why I like to work for the university. You’re working with incredibly bright people, very creative, always probing the edges." ... "Hayden Davis: One thing my father always told me about university buildings is, you are designing the bones. The inside of it is going to change all the time, as technology advances, as the need for something disappears and other needs arise. But the outside of this beautiful building, the views into the forest—that is the part that is never going to change." Find the full story at this link:




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