Five Springs Ranch

Sonoma County, California, USA

Rolling down from the southern peaks of the Sonoma Mountains to Old Adobe Road near Petaluma, California, this property had been a dairy and sheep ranch for most of the 20th century, but like many family ranches and small farms in northern California, it had more or less been abandoned by the end of the 20th century due to changing economics and a break in the line of the family stewardship.

Our client, with deep Bay Area roots stretching back to early 19th century San Francisco. acquired this 250 acre property with the intention of preserving the agricultural heritage, while also providing a family compound for their large extended family and friends.

A vision for the short and long term sustainability of the ranch, from both a planning, resource and financial point of view was needed to guide development and to also provide an owner’s manual for the family that would help future generations maintain this unique property, and provide resilience and financial stability.

EHDD worked with the client, the builder and various craftsmen and consultants to restore existing agricultural buildings for ranching and farming, as well as repurposing structures for domestic use, all with an eye towards long-term sustainability and energy and water efficiency. A large photo-voltaic array on one of the barns provides site-generated power for all of the structures, as well as agricultural pumps, equipment and even a charging station for the electric all-terrain ranch vehicles.

“Kevin and EHDD's work on this has been spectacular. Their design team made it possible to retain the visual integrity of a rustic working farm while also being just ... well, damn awesome to live and work there.” 

- Mick Hellman, Five Springs Ranch




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